Tea Cups and Kitsch

This is a great example of how as peers and colleagues, we have the potential to inspire one another. My fellow classmate Leila dug out nostalgic memories and objects from her garden shed to share an amusing dialog with us. Read on…


My colleagues at EIT have come up with an eclectic array of Blog ideas for this term’s Self Portrait theme.

One that caught my eye was Vicky’s  tea cup blog.

It jogged a memory which sent me scurrying into the garden  shed. Or should I say, ’ The Garden Shed’, because I‘m only half way through sorting it out.  It’s a mission to find anything.  The story of my life.


In the end I unearthed what I was looking for. A giant tea cup and saucer.  Are you green with envy Vicky?

The need for the teacup was as a receptacle in which to plant some white hyacinths. We plant these bulbs every year in memory of my beloved Nana. She adored hyacinths. In season, grown in pots and containers, her lounge was always redolent of the scent of them in a delicate array of pinks, white and…

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