Self-Portrait – Purely Handmade

Following my previous post, I have gone further in my explorations with drawing. Taking my self-portraits into the handmade context, I spent the day away from the screen and focused on my own technically unassisted efforts instead (unless you call a light box technology). I felt confident about drawing today, because I had the photo shopped images to inspire alternative methods of making marks, and suggesting features without any contouring lines as such. In past portrait attempts I have – by default, always begun my drawing with contour lines and soon become very frustrated with the development. This had caused me to become despondent with my drawing ability and I hesitant to continue further attempts . Through today’s process of being willing to experiment with media and mark making, I have developed a new found joy and excitement in creating art. Which of my drawings do you think stand out for you? To read my thoughts click on the gallery image.


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