An Artful Life – Aya Kakeda

My first impressions of New York’s Aya Kakeda’s work was the intrigue I felt looking at hybrid creations of paper cutting, embroidery, illustration and lace work. I came across her featured in a ‘Young Guns’ article in The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, and then she popped up again in one of my recent reads ‘By Hand: the use of craft in contemporary art’.  What inspires me about Aya is her narrative and her use of various media including silkscreen, illustration and embroidery, that best portray her storytelling. Whether plainly obvious or more subtle her stories consist of fairytale worlds that are sometimes super cute and sweet, and also in contrast with very violent and creepy themes – like that of the Indie Craft movement.  Aya Kakeda has a love of making books especially with silly stories and characters serving as the purpose to convey metaphorical and experiential topics. Both her use of mixed media and her tendency towards handcrafted and ‘Indie’ art, inspire me to explore how my own experience with textiles and handcrafts can lead me down a similar path in being a creative practitioner.


Hung, S & Magliaro, J. (eds.). (2007). By Hand: the Use of Craft in Contemporary Art .

The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration. (n.d). Young Guns: Spotlight No.1. Aya Kakeda. Vol:7. No:2. Issue#20


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