Does God Play Dice?

‘God does not play dice with the Universe’ – Albert Einstein

I utterly agree with Einstein.  Although, what does create the mysterious and deliberate patterns of the Universe. Being immersed in this project brief titled ‘Pattern Universe’ for nearly four weeks now, I have been learning about the wonders of pattern in everything we are surrounded by, especially in Nature itself. I have come to the understanding that patterns can be observed throughout the entire universe, and are evident of the underlying order, structure and connectedness of all things. It’s a phenomenon that artists, scientists and mathematicians have been exploring for centuries. It is undeniable that nature has been made with in-built rules, and in order to to understand life, we need to find out these rules. Patterns are the insight to them. Now if God was to play dice, there would be no pattern (so to speak) nor any consistency in what we observe and perceive, rather it would be a random, chaotic gamble.  Even the seemingly chaotic structures and forms in the universe, contains rules. Lets consider the Fibonacci Sequence that displays a mathematical regularity in nature, one that is easily seen and is everywhere. The numbers in nature help us to discover order and pattern in the universe.  Then we can consider Fractal Geometry founded in 1975, to gain insight into the patterns of irregular shapes we find in nature, as nature does not display classical uniform shapes.

‘Fractal shapes were being expressed intuitively by artists long before they were recognised by science’ Edney 2000

The Fibonacci numbers and Fractals all provide us with an endless source of inspiration and wonderment. In history fractals have been found in decorative patterns in art, architecture and religious symbols and ancient traditions including Islamic, Celtic, Roman, Egyptian, Aztec, Inca and Mayan civilisations.  I have drawn inspiration from patterns in nature for my Project and these musings have led me to the outcome that I have created.


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4 thoughts on “Does God Play Dice?

  1. Neural Outlet.. says:

    “I have come to the understanding that patterns can be observed throughout the entire universe, and are evident of the underlying order, structure and connectedness of all things.” – Have you seen the film Pi (1999) by Darren Aronofsky? You may like it because it’s about exactly that, it’s actually got elements of everything in this post.

    I find the Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio and fractals very interesting, I have a few posts on my blog about their relations to number systems and patterns. I won’t paste a load of links, but you might want to check them out.


  2. Shakti Chionis says:

    Are you familiar with the colors of infinity? It was a PBS special many years ago. I intend on putting it on my blog in a few days. Here’s a sneak preview of it.

    It’s VERY profound.


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