Screen printing: An exploration

Once I had my pattern outcome decided upon, I set to the task of screen printing it. I immersed myself into two solid days of experimenting with colours, textures, surfaces and layering of ink. I wanted to use colours that would compliment my final outcome (which I haven’t revealed yet of course), so I stayed with medium and light tones in aqua green and blue, violet and raspberry. I intended to always layer two tones on top of each other, to give a more interesting and complex design and visual effect – and it resulted in a shadow effect having the appearance of the ink hovering above the surface. I experimented mis-matching the layers which although made for an even more complex design, but I preferred the above stated effect, so I stuck to the original plan to off set the top layer in a different shade of colour. I could have spent days playing with different papers and images to print onto, but I needed to step into the next stage of the creative process, by printing finally onto fabric.  I chose vintage woolen blanket scraps to print onto, because I am a lover of textiles and fibre art. Recently I wrote about The Indie Craft Movement, and expressed how inspired I was by the many contemporary artists and designers who use old school crafting techniques and materials in the modern context to express themselves artistically.  I decided then that I would like to explore this approach in my own practice, and this project brief was the suitable place to do so. These are a few pictures of my samples, that were not so striking in colour. The other prints that were a success have now evolved into the final outcome, which I will post next!


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