Der Blaue Reiter

A recent discovery of mine has been a group of artists that came together for a brief moment in time between 1911 and 1912 with a shared vision and faith of renewing spirituality within civilisation. When considering the topic of Utopia in my previous posts, I found myself particularly inspired by the ideology that they aspired to. The group was named Der Blaue Reiter, and together Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Picasso, Matisse, Klee, Bloch, Rousseau, Delaunay and others gathered with a similar vision, and consequently changed the face of 20th Century Art.

Kandinsky had left the New Association of Munich Artists in 1911, because his work was regarded and criticised as being too evolutionary. This is what prompted him to conceive the idea of this new era in art where very different works would both be celebrated alongside each other in the same exhibition. His aim supported by Marc, was to demonstrate that it is the living spirit of the artist that makes art, not the orthodox form.

Although the First World War was nearly upon them, these great artists visualised an art that did not emphasise where people came from or which territory they were defending, but rather the spirituality of humanity as a whole.  Der Blaue Reiter never progressed further than 1912, however once the post-war conservative times had lapsed, many reformists came out of the clockwork to embrace and adopt Kandinsky and Marc’s original revolutionary intentions to reveal and celebrate the diversity in humanity and the spiritual vision in art. The epiphany of a Utopian vision.


Vezin, L., & Vezin, A. (1992). Kandinsky and Der Blaue Reiter. (J.-C. Dubost, J.-F. Gonthier, Eds., & F. E. Ltd, Trans.) Paris: Finest S.A./Editions Pierre Terrail.


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