Pentagon Star Lantern

This modular construct was a creation of mine completed in my ‘Pattern Universe’ brief back in May. It has been waiting to be lit up in our living room for the eve of Winter Solstice (last week for us in the Southern Hemisphere). Each individual unit was a pentagon itself, and when constructed as seen here, it takes on the name of a Dodecahedron. This is a link to the tutorial (thanks to Heidi at Moms Crafty Space) that I found to base my design on, and I altered it to have actual cut outs of stars. It took a while to create these three forms, but together they look more dynamic than just one on its own. I would have loved to paint the paper before constructing these as the tutorial suggests, however, for this brief, we had specific parameters of using white card or paper only. Still, the lantern looks magical just the same. Although this design would have been more quickly achieved using a laser cutter to create each individual unit, I enjoyed the laborious process by cutting them all by hand. Made with love and intention for its purpose, the family appreciate the energy that it brings us each night as we sit through the longest nights of the year.


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