Utopian Art Studio Outcome

In response to my my last brief, I designed and created a wooden model of a visionary structure that could be my ideal imaginary art studio. Inspired by my research of gypsy wagons seen in a previous post , I embraced the Utopian concept of the Gypsy lifestyle; freedom, travel, connecting to the earth and living sustainably without harm to her and her creatures. This is my personal perception of how I would live as a gypsy anyway. This may or may not necessarily be the case in the real world. Im interested to see if I just have an incredibly optimistic ideal or if others too believe such things are possible.

I am satisfied with the final outcome, considering I have a nil skill set in design and wood construction. The three days that it took for me to create this from scratch certainly gave me a crash course in the wood workshop, with no harmful mistakes made thank goodness.  This creation links to the Utopia research that I have done with the ornamentation suggesting Utopian grandeur and the worn, derelict rusty tin iron representing the Dystopian concept that also came up in lectures. This structure is the first of three in a series of Visionary Structures that are intended to combine with 123 other structures created by others in my class.


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