Ways of Seeing

Leanne Morrison has posted this insightful description of what we got up to at school one day this week. I have made an executive decision to share it due to the reason that I love the way she described it with such finesse and successfully portrayed the fun that we had. Thanks Leanne!

something new...

Hi all we have started a new project called, Ways of Seeing and to kick things off we had a warm up exercise where we were put into groups of around 6 to 8 students and were given the task to make a composition in response to an art movement.

Our group consisted of Jeff, Will, Harley, Vicky, Connor, Meg, Silka and myself, we were given the movement abstract expressionism and a bunch of descriptive words such as: jump, sit weirdly, zombie, star at the sky, cute, and more… We started out by arranging the words and discussing what we thought was abstract expressionism, we came up with, emotional, organic, free spirited, in the moment and spontaneous all covering different media, artist like Jackson Pollack, performance artists like Marina Abramovich.

Given the freedom of the movement we decided to be playful and physically try things out, taking photos along the…

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