Seeing in Black & White

Finally, I am back learning a media that I enjoy! Today we had a photography workshop where were to investigate our surroundings, and see things through the eye of a lens a different perspectives to which we see things in ordinary day to day life on campus. With contrast and scale in mind I shot numerous images that played with light, shadow, scale and reflections, with the intention of capturing any interesting images that I would have overlooked normally.  These two images were the pick of the bunch.  They are similar in that they both utilise radial focus points in the compositions, and have a balance of tonal qualities. I chose them because of their striking tonal contrasts, and the interesting views that they were captured from – both being close ups shot from a hobbits height, shorter than my eye level even.

shadow or not

shadow or not

This is one that I had to throw in also. I tinkered with photoshop effects and came upon this interesting result. I am fascinated the textural, topsy turvy tones of the image, and it reminds me how I would like to explore infrared photography.



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