Seeing Texture & Tone



radial drops

radial drops

ocean run

ocean run

As part two in the Photography workshop this week my aim was to investigate through the lens of a camera, paying close attention to tone and contrast. Neither images were shot on campus, but rather on my photographic journal days of my recent holiday back home in Auckland, New Zealand.

The images were chosen due to the variation in texture and tonal values that they each portray in their own unique ways.  I consider them to be atmospheric and narrative, but thats possibly because I have created my own stories about them.  However, I will let you develop your own meaning for them.

‘Ocean run’ is constructed with horizontal striations that continue to graduate into lighter tones into the background. The contrast between the textural foreground and smooth background is what makes this an interesting image to suitably portray this brief. The free spirited traveller entering the picture plane on the right is the feature focus, which the eye is led to by the directional lines made by 4WD tracks.

‘Radial drops’ is a mysterious and elusive image, displaying radial textures as apposed to the striations of ‘Ocean run’.  It utilises a balanced variation of tonal values. The eye is led towards to square shapes in the left hand bottom corner, as they are the contrasting shape of the abundant circles created by the water fountain droplets.


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