Sad death of Rocky Maciano (ways of seeing)

This story and stop motion short film was created by one of the most talented guys in my class at IdeaSchool, Hawkes Bay. It’s a must see thought provoking realisation of the very serious issue of bullying and teen suicide. Please share so that we may help to bring this real life issue into the minds and hearts of others in the world, with the hope of changing the way people see.


The last four weeks i been working on a project at tech called ways of seeing. i decided to make a stop motion video, using a mannequin, and i based it all on suicide and bullying. Its a real sad and touchy subject to talking about, but i want people to be a lot more aware of it, soo i hope this vid does that.
to be honest, i aint happy with the final product, but algood gives me something to devalop later on, so yeeeh!
(if i offended anyone by this video im sorry, that wasnt my intention)

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