Letting go of sentiments

As a requirement of a recent brief students were instructed to deconstruct their most prided upon workbooks throughout the year, by ripping shredding, gluing, or burning them. Many in my class found it difficult to embrace the process, but eventually I myself looked to the purpose for motivating such an illogical act. The purpose was to simply explore the notions of the semantic-poetic and legibility-illegibility. Our approach was to consider intertextuality in preparation for the following exercise. These are the 2D and 3D examples of me letting go of sentimentality of my years work. The 3D outcomes are a series of origami lotus flowers, and the 2D are an assemblage of pieces framed as my attempt to honour the work that I just destroyed. Needless to say, that now I am not so pedantic about the time I spend making my workbooks nice and tidy for referring to in years to come. So long as they portray my creative processes clearly, thats all that matters.  Lesson in sentimentality learnt! It doesn’t mean that I enjoyed it.

IMG_0571 frames


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