Tania Patterson

When researching for my current project I looked into other artists whose work could either inspire my processes or assist me in figuring out how things are made. When considering small object sculpture as an art form, I cant go far without coming across many talented jewelers and their meticulous skills.

Tania Patterson is a jeweler who uses moving components in her pieces. I looked into her work to gather ideas about how small object sculpture can be made with sophisticated techniques that allow for play and movement by the wearer.

I work mainly in silver, but often combine this with copper, titanium, wood or stone. Moving parts or mechanisms have been a feature of my exhibition work. I enjoy making work that the wearer can interact with. Brooches with handles to wind, wheels to turn or buds to open. I like designing and making work with another dimension to it – an element of surprise, the unexpected.

Images retrieved from https://www.facebook.com/TaniaPattersonJewellery, 13th November 2013.

Quote retrieved from http://www.form.co.nz/artists/tania_patterson.htm, 13th November 2013.


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