The Iron Fey

Julie Kagawa‘s novels about The Iron Fey semi-sparked my fascination with the picture of a natural world that is negatively influenced by the mechanical and technological ages. Sure there is no way to predict what would replace them when all insect species are extinct, but Kagawa’s imaginary insight gives me a very surreal narrative of what could happen.

When Meghan Chase (female main character of the novels), enters the Iron Realm in The Iron King, this land encroached on Faery like a cancerous growth, blasted and barren. The sulfurous sky was raked by rusty winds and choking fumes. Nothing grew but heaps of obsolete junk: twisted metal and discarded silicon rising skyward in an otherwise featureless sea of searing sand.

If the fantastical land of the ‘Iron Realm’ appears as such, you can imagine the type of the creatures that dwell there? Without giving too much away, I describe the land as a place where the natural world struggles to survive, losing life forces and eventually dying as the iron lands proliferate and take over. The insects that I have been creating over the past month are definitely inspired by Kagawa’s Iron Realm concept.


Kagawa, J. (2010). The Iron King.Ontario, Canada. Harlequin Enterprises Limited.

Quote retrieved on 15th November 2013, from


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