The World as a Stage

Of Bodies of Elements: Dancing Earth

All the world’s a stage and all men and women merely players.

Shakespeare philosophically summed up the purpose of life in humankind way back. This quote describes how many of us look upon life in the 21st century. The world is our stage, life is a play and we are the actors filling roles that either we consciously choose to, or by default, end up being a part of.  Not being satisfied with default settings, I definitely yearn for and choose to make my role as fulfilling and rewarding as possible, thats for sure! The current project ‘The World as a Stage’ prompts me to do just that. The teachings and discussions had over the last two months have sparked thoughts about how I desire to play out my future literally and figuratively as a player in work, life, family and within the wider community. Specifically, how I see myself as an artist in the remaining years of my Art Degree, and the years to follow.

The following posts will begin to give a picture of where I see a possible direction for myself as a mixed media artist and healing arts practitioner. They will suggest to you my reflections on my work and influences thus far, to express the clarity of my vision and my intentions before the school year comes to an end.


Image retrieved on 15th November 2103, from

William Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man, Van Voorst, 1848


2 thoughts on “The World as a Stage

  1. Jack Saunsea says:

    Shakespeare’s quote is also quite similar to the view that Hinduism has held for thousands of years. Although certainly many come to this philosophical view through simple observation 🙂


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