Jasmine Watson

I am a lover of the geometric shapes, symmetry and intricacies that New Zealander Jasmine Watson’s work portrays.  She utilises repeating patterns in a graceful and ornamental symmetry that remind me of my grandmother’s intricate and delicate crochet lace work.  Already a trained and experienced jeweller Watson set out to learn the rare and complex technique of enamelling.  The featured works in her 2011 exhibition ‘Subsequence’ are her renowned enamel brooches where she has utilised this ancient technique of hand-made enamel jewellery that has stylised her work and won her many awards.

My work is inspired by ornamental patterns and complex detail based on mathematical principles. I am interested in geometry and tessellations; interlocking shapes that can assemble into elaborate ornamental sequences, repeating to infinity – Watson, J

Many things inspire me about Watson’s work; her use of intricate eastern/western inspired pattern, geometric arrangements and shapes (especially the circle), harmonious colours,  and the great craftsmanship that she displays.  Included in exhibited works, nationally and internationally, Watson also features her drawings as they themselves are works of art, and are an integral part of her creative process of her enamel works.  Using watercolour and pencil she is able to elaborate on the different stages in her design development – a strategy that I would like to experiment with in my own art practice to incorporate colour in the otherwise grey sketches. Maybe this will encourage me to draw more.

Many people know Watson for the elaborate jewellery designs that she created for the motion pictures  ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’.  An incredibly talented artisan!


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