Everything begins with a circle

The circle draws attention to it’s centre and content that it encircles. I am fascinated with circular forms made by either nature or man. We see them everywhere! Its a topic that keeps arising again and again in my creative process and I am still quite sure that I am going to explore this further, if not in this brief then certainly in the future.

Indefinable yet ever present, it is nothing at all. It is the formless from, the imageless image. It can’t be grasped by the imagination. It has no beginning and no end. This is the essence of Tao. Stay in harmony with this ancient presence and you will know the fullness of each present moment – Lao-Tau, Chinese Philosopher (6th Century BC)


French, K.L. (2012). The Hidden Geometry of Life: The science and spirituality of nature. London, UK. Watkins Publishing.


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