Self Portrait Photography

These are a follow on from the thumbnail sketches in the previous post.  After learning about how the photography studio enhances my ability to capture professionally composed images, I actually preferred to be without any flashes, rather only using the lights in a subtle fashion so as to not get hard shadows in the background. I was nervous to be shooting self portraits, but actually I really enjoyed the confronting process, feeling as if I am coming to know myself in a deep and profound way. I am curious to explore body language, emotions and gestures to speak my voice. It will be an intimate and insightful experience, hopefully not just for myself but also the viewer. The images may even reflect and mirror their own human emotions to consider. That would be the ultimate outcome for me.

The stances were purposefully created to highlight the subtle energy centres within our body – the Chakras (rising up from the lower chakras representing earthly elements and our human existence, into the upper chakras representing ether and spirit). This was a practical yet meditative experience where I felt absolutely in my element, whilst expressing my inner values and manifesting the symbolism of them into form – through my form. Very profound! I wonder if this idea will extend the furthest and lead me into creating my final piece this semester?


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