Can you remember a year ago?


I do ever so clearly! It was when I stepped out of my infancy, and into my toddler shoes as a blogger and visual artist by changing my blog name and intentions of why I write to you. It really doesn’t seem that long ago, and I’m surprised to already sense another growth spurt having occurred. My growth has been sparked by the academic learning that I am acquiring in the Bachelor of Art & Design and also the discovery of self that comes hand in hand with gaining more knowledge about life and oneself.

The more I learn, the more I realise I don’t know – Albert Einstein

Hence, the need to open my mind up to more knowledge and understanding. I figure the day, that I know all about it, is the day I ascend into the realm of the Gods (still most likely preferring to wear my Chuck Taylor’s over high heels anyway). So really?

With my toddler blogging days behind me, my next stage of growth in my creative career will firstly focus on learning about the business of being a visual artist and designer. In order to do this, I really need to define who I am (in this very moment) as a creative practitioner. Knowing that I will again need to allow for constant evolution and change, I need to hone in on my thoughts right now, in regards to my work – asking what it is about? Also, asking where in the global context is my work situated?  I am embarking on a great expedition in researching my fellow global artists in mixed media, photographic and print realms, and how they situate themselves in this great big World of Art. (You may find many of my findings on these pages as I explore my place in the world amongst others). It is then, that I can know how to put myself out into the world confidently and authentically – and I plan to do this by not only making a conscious effort to professionally and authentically communicate and present myself in the blogosphere but also creating the beginnings of an e-portfolio featuring the Art & Photography of yours truly. My goodness – that sounds grown up!

It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are – E.E. Cummings

I look forward to receiving your thoughts and ideas about how you have made steps to becoming who you really are. From my heart to yours x

image: by Vicky Reisima and her shoes


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