branding: simply put

Author of Brand Simple, Allan Adamson suggests some top simple tips for branding.

Firstly, lets simply summarise:

  • A brand is an image, feeling, service or possibly a product that stands for something in peoples minds.
  • Branding invokes emotion in the customer/audience and their choices or actions.
  • Successful brands are simple, compelling, and different from the status quo.
  • Branding is signalling to an audience your associations with them, the need to connect on an emotional level, rather than a rational level.
  • a brand is relevant to my audience and stands for something different.

and secondly lets run the process of identifying my brand:

  •  portray to my audience that I am different and my art is unique amongst the masses of other artists out there all trying to sell their work.
  •  boil down my ideas that will drive and amalgamate everything associated with my brand
  • know and understand my audience, my competitors and the niche market and figure out how I can make my point of difference known
  • what can I do better or differently from my competitors? be vocal about it, so they know why they would spend energy with my site and services rather than someone else.
  • what do I want to be known for? what do I not want to be known for. A reputation isn’t necessarily always a positive one.
  • my difference needs to be simple and relevant, an obvious truth that hasn’t been highlighted before
  • what will my audience experience or interact with through my brand?
  • tagline to capture the essence of my brand – this is the ‘brand driver’
  • bring my brand to life!



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