building an online presence – Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass is ‘a prolific graphic designer in New York talks about how building a personal brand and effective use of social media got him out of some interesting obstacles in life’.

Watching this video taught me 10 ideas about how to build a personal foundation via a website, blog and social networks.

  1. Define my brand: what are my goals, who are my audience, and what portrays my visual identity?
  2. Creating a website – elements to include are: a homepage that is consistently updated, with several options to connect via social media platforms. A portfolio page to include thumbnails of work and case studies (behind the scenes and research of work).
  3. About page with photo and bio.
  4. testimonials page with photograph of person writing about me with a link to their website.
  5. Blog: be passionate about my topic
  6. Utilise the social networks and communicate across the platforms
  7. be genuine
  8. provide value by sharing links and my knowledge. Be seen as a leader in my field.
  9. Create and tribe and culture
  10. build mutually beneficial relationships and help others.




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