out of confusion comes clarity

Finally I have clarity! It’s taken two weeks of hovering over being a blogger artist, to discover that what I really need to focus on is being an artist who blogs. It may sound like one and the same, but they each have a set of intentions. This confusion has lead to many dead ends and and meandering paths seemingly leading to know where.

My impression of a professional blogger has been one who writes about everything that interests them in life, sharing this with an interested global audience with similar passions. For me, that would have been – homemaking, creativity (my art practice being a part of this), well-being, self-love and the sacred in everyday things. This intention set me off on the meandering path that I mentioned. My initial impression of an artist with a blog seemed limiting to me, when I felt I had so much more to share with my audience. I believed this model would not satisfy the philosopher and the idealist in me. A very obvious dead end.

I have come to realise that I need to strategise my steps in order to become both, but without their weaknesses and limitations. These are 10 simple steps that are required, and trusting in the process they should naturally progress from one stage to the next.

  1. discern the context in which I am situated
  2. pick apart website components of my contemporaries
  3. build a brand using my name (forfeit the money I spent on http://www.imaginare.com and buy a new one)
  4. develop my original blog with new URL, and change the format to look less like a blog, and more of a website
  5. be better than my contemporaries!
  6. spend years refining my practice and selling my art in an ETSY shop, whilst maintaining a blog that shares my creative processes and captivates people
  7. gather a following and know my niche that has developed organically
  8. accept collaborative projects along the way remaining true to myself
  9. have enough credentials to begin teaching what I know to an audience willing to pay for my knowledge and tutorage
  10. keep on shining evermore so!

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