my brand connects

One of many ideas for a brand name included IMAGINARIUM, for a place where imagination is at work – but this was very common online for creative companies. I looked at other translations of ‘imagine’ and discovered the latin term IMAGINARE which means ‘form an image of, represent’. which is not so common online and . This name will allow for a broader scope of practice to include anything from my imagination and the imaginings of other artists. A possible tagline could read  ‘VICKI REISIMA’.

However, after researching artists in my field or those that I feel a connection to, use their names as their brand. I believe that this personalises my brand for me, and that being a one-man-band operation is an asset to my practice that I should highlight. For me, it’s all about making connections with my audience, and demonstrating to them that I am a person first and foremost. For sure I create art, but I have a focus on being ‘out there’ amongst the ‘artists and art lovers’ community. The reason for this is simple, it is my hope that by sharing my creative manifestations and the journey along the way, that I can inspire others to connect with their innate creativity. I am a believer that creativity is a powerful tool for transforming the lives of people who tap into it. That’s the reason why I make! Without an outlet for creating, I feel it’s a life only half lived. Making art nourishes and sustains my spirit, it ignites my spark and helps me to shine brighter. Ha, I got it! The tagline that captures the essence of my brand – ‘a creative spark’

Vicki Reisima – a creative spark. DONE!



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