raw talent without a common sense recipe only goes so far

Sure, it’s great to have raw talent to ensure success, but what really drives success in any arena in life is professionalism. This idea is what profoundly hit me as being of utmost importance, as Annika Bennett presented a talk to our class. When talking about professional practice specifically in the art dealer world, Annika pointed out what the ‘do’s and don’ts are. I’ll summarise, focussing on the positive actions I can take to make it on my own when approaching an art gallery with my work.

clipart_cooking_40sHere’s a common sense recipe:

  1. Grab one reasonable sized sauce pan full of carefully chosen research of who’s who, and keep it topped up during the entire duration of the practice
  2. Before proceeding any further, simply write a succinct email with a PDF of professional images, and deliver into one of the who’s who in the bowl. Avoid adding too many words that may upset the flavour of the dish – putting everyone off before they really get a chance to taste it
  3. Put a link to your website aside for one’s viewing pleasure should they enjoy the way your email ingredients go down
  4. Gently let the pan simmer for four or five days, and follow up with how the ingredients are blending. Maintain a positive attitude, even if they separated and curdled unpleasantly. This may be prevented by ensuring that your preparation was well considered
  5. If the ingredients have blended, and beginning to work together well then attempt to add yourself to the pan promptly and professionally – this will only taste good of your flavour and style of presenting is different to any other that the who’s who has come across before
  6. Be prepared to leave the pan if its not working and graciously start again from step one (it’s always effective to get more than one opinion), otherwise listen carefully to how the who’s who may support your career and guide you into doing whats best
  7. The recipe may fall flat if at any time, you fail to be authentic and true to yourself – it’s important that any aspect of your practice is not compromised by the other
  8. Remember to cook more than you need, and be prepared to give some away if it means that more people get to taste your work
  9. One must continue to cook and simmer frequently, keeping the brew fresh and alive with creativity and imagination
  10. Trust that people will enjoy your efforts and appreciate your authenticity and uniqueness

If you have any other suggestions for what to add to the pan, or any adjustments that you would make to the how to: please feel free to comment. I’ll let you know how it goes when the time comes for me to approach a dealership gallery with my work.



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