a refreshing attitude on the Art World

The other day, local artist Ben Pearce reminded me that our body does 80% of the thinking, and the mind only 20%. When we go about our daily lives the body responds to stimuli before our mind even recognises it. When considering how I may trigger positive emotions for the people that I interacted with, I am comforted to know that even though my work may be personal to me, it is also possible for others to connect to it in a physical way. Ben has trusted his gut instincts when relating to people in his professional life and been very grateful for the connections that he has made with friends and mentors alike. His perception of the Art World is very refreshing to hear as he brings old school ‘art myths’ to the light – explaining truths in his experience of artists:

  • that artists are highly sociable, down to earth people
  • eager to make friends
  • they are networkers by nature
  • obsessive compulsive (in a good way – phew, that’s me!)
  • their pet hate is actually talking about their own work
  • they often fumble along, guessing their way

His view on the business of being an artist has helped to re-ignite my enthusiasm for being an emerging artist. I found great comfort in his desire to make art that nourishes his inner child, reconnecting him back to the magic that was once experienced in childhood. I too, yearn to tap into the imaginings of my childhood when making art. This is the world where my art concepts reside.

‘It’s not actually that hard to make it in the Art World’.

  • Just to be proactive
  • Be engaged
  • Enter competitions/awards
  • Run collaborative or shared art studios
  • Be active on social media sites
  • Organise group shows
  • Approach businesses and cafes
  • Then once you are well established, start approaching galleries (if they haven’t head hunted you already)

It’s who you know

This so called myth is actually true according to Ben! Ben’s shared experience has taught me that I do need to be proactive in researching who is who, so that I can be professional when stumbling into a chance meeting. People are always impressed to hear that someone has done their homework. Connections are contacts in which ever shape or form. Artists love to be around other artists. We all belong to the creative tribe. We all want to surround ourselves with inspiring, courageous, interesting people. It’s only natural that we get to know each other and be open to the possibilities that may be generated within the relationships. One another note: avoid burning bridges, for you will most likely need to cross it again in a few years.

There can never be enough artists in the world. We always need more.

So although, I was asked to research my competitors in this brief, and discover what I can do better of differently to stand out. I say, I don’t need to compete with them at all, as we are all so unique anyway. I’m just joining the tribe of many talented unique creatives. My difference in the tribe will become obvious and appreciated in time and I develop and emerge into the world.

Thanks to Ben Pearce whose words of honesty and wisdom sparked my hope for success as an artist!


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