behind the scenes in my mind

Don’t worry, I’m not about to divulge all the inner workings of my mind, just a few brainstorms from my workbook. It’s good to see from where I have come in the three weeks that I have been thinking about how to build a professional online presence.

I started here by defining what my interests are. They are broad but they define me and my lifestyle well. I want to somehow incorporate my loves into my art, but I can’t possibly do it all straight away.

my interestsNext, I brainstormed a five year plan of what I would like to be blogging about and how my art practice can support or compliment it.

five year planThis exercise highlighted the fact that my audience have emotions and needs to be met. I would like to present an experience that triggers positive emotions in the reader/viewer. These being:

needsAnd that is what will set me in good stead for developing an audience for my work and what I have to bring to the world!

Jumping far into the future with my dreams and goals was an interesting an exciting exercise, but then I had to bring it back to my initial next steps, trusting that the rest will follow in good time. Ideas have come and gone again just as quickly, but the idea of creating mixed media sculpture based on fantasy character concepts is one that currently sticks the most. I will not shelve my love of photography as I delve onto this direction, but keep it slowly, steadily filling my lens happy needs in my personal life – that may or may not feature here on my blog. I get easily distracted, so will attempt to streamline my creative impulses the best that I can. This way, I can be focussed on becoming really great at one thing, rather than try to do too many things, and never manage to do any of them very well.





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