Why do we take selfies?

Photographer Vivienne McMaster teaches others how to see the beauty around and within you. In an ‘August Break‘ photographic prompt this week she asks:

Why do we take selfies? Or why might we want to?
We may want to because it is a chance to feel seen, by ourselves.
Or because it allows us to tell the story of our day, of our lives.
Maybe because it is a tool for seeing ourselves in a new way.
And because we are as worthy of being in front of the camera as anyone else is.


Selfie with son

My favourite way of taking a selfie is when my arms wrapped around a loved one. My family and friends are my world and I feel humbled when I view upon my life from the outside looking in. This shot reminds me of my connectedness to family, our place of belonging in this world, the joy we experience when together, and that it’s these precious little moments that need to be remembered often. My son is growing stronger and smarter each and everyday, and although now he is not so keen to have me snapping happy in his face like I used to, he was super keen to be up front on this day – because we were in it together!

I encourage you to join ‘The August Break’ photographic project with me and take a selfie today. Let’s explore how it can be a way to connect with ourselves and the world that surrounds us!

#augustbreak Thanks Vivienne!



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