About Me


Vicky & Gee-031Hello! I’m Vicky, and at age 39 I am a Visual Art and Design student at IDEASCHOOL in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I love to create for the sake of nourishing my creative impulses but also find the stimulation of academia very fulfilling. I photograph,, make art, dance and meditate every day and appreciate heart centred living and the simple yet beautiful values of wabi sabi.

Along with being a full time student I am also a wife, mother, movement meditation teacher, and marriage celebrant. My soul calling is to live in my personal power and truth as a creative spirit and to inspire and teach others to do the same.

My blog is a tool for making my mark in the world, and connecting with the humble creative community who recognise and celebrate the creative spark and spirit in their own life.

The Japanese principle wabi sabi refers to the appreciation of the fleeting beauty that pervades the natural world. Unlike the European ideal of beauty, which is all about symmetry and flawlessness, wabi-sabi sees value in humility, impermanence and asymmetry – quote from The Simple Things by Antonia Kidman & Sally Collings

other interesting facts about me…

Self Confessed Craftaholic

Immersing myself in the fibre arts has always fulfilled my need for creativity and allowed the manifestation of ideas that come to me when the rest of the household is deep in slumber. My favourite textiles to create with are wool, linen, bamboo and any recycled or vintage haberdashery or related paraphernalia.

Connecting to Nature

I value the importance of living on our Earth with reverence and respect.  I then treasure time taken outdoors either in solitude or with family. I live in awareness of the earth’s seasonal and lunar cycles, an understanding which brings nourishment and harmony to all aspects of my life.

Marriage Celebrant

Three years ago I took on the role of Celebrant. I have since completed two papers in Celebrant Studies so far, and been appointed as a Registered Independent Marriage Celebrant.  This community service work is incredibly rewarding and puts my natural affinity for reverence of life and it’s celebrations to good use. My inner wordsmith also gets to come out and play in the magic of ceremonial language. My ceremonial work can be found at www.creativecelebrant.co.nz

http://www.nianow.com/practiceHaving completed my NIA Whitebelt training in May 2014, I am on a deep learning journey to embody the principles and lifestyle practice of NIA. NIA is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts – strengthening the connections between the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is my intention to share and teach NIA in 2016 after having completed my art degree.

Chakradance Facilitator

Drawing on the wisdom of Jungian Psychology, Chakradance is a dance for healing and self-discovery. Each dance gives rise to different insights and feelings. Using art as a creative therapy tool, participants have a way of anchoring their experiences back into their conscious world. Having been a Holistic Healing Practitioner for 17 years, I am excited to be extending my career into the Creative Arts Therapies – a modality that gives participants a form of expression and self-healing that goes beyond words or traditional cognitive therapies. I am a licensed Chakradance facilitator teaching this method of movement meditation, working under the name of ‘Chakradance with Vicky Reisima’ in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.


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