Concept Drawings

I intended to practice my drawing skills with this project, and found that through these charcoal sketches of the 3D marquettes, (in previous post) my confidence in my ability has improved. Even though I don’t have enough time to draw every outcome in this series, at least I have overcome my block of putting marks down on paper.


Found Object Bugs – Concept Research

Using methods taught inĀ Odile Vailly‘s book Wire Bugs: How to make your own Menagerie, I set about learning small sculpture construction. The techniques in this book are simple and easy to learn. Using only hand tools and my hands, I could twist and bend any wire into my own bug-like creatures. I was drawn to Vailly’s use of found objects and hand crafted aesthetic. These images were a few of my outcomes, either using these methods or inspired by them.

What good are Bugs?

We shriek about them, slap and spray them, and generally think of insects (when we think of them at all) as pests. Yet if all insects, or even a critical few, were to disappear – if there were none to pollinate plants, serve as food for other animals, dispose of dead organisms, and perform other ecologically essential tasks – virtually all terrestrial ecosystems on Earth, the webs of life, would unravel.

There is no way to predict what would replace them. But there is no doubt that without insects the world would be radically different and far less friendly to us humans, assuming that we could survive at all.

Waldbauer, G. (2003) What Good are Bugs? Insects in the Web of Life. London, UK. Harvard University Press

With small object sculpture in mind, can you imagine where I am heading with this?