Encaustic Series by Vicky Reisima

The ‘Elements of Random’ series were conceived from my desire to combine the natural world with geometric patterns, highlighting the synergistic and beautiful relationship that can be witnessed between them.

This series of works were created in response to my desire to experiment with encaustic wax. After combining photographs with vector images in Photoshop, I went on to transfer the images onto calico fabric with the Intron Heat Transfer Press. Before fusing them onto wooden box frames, I couldn’t resist passing them under the sewing machine for old times sake. They are currently on display in the Can Print Exhibition in Hastings Community Art Gallery (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand from 21st July-02 August 2014), and available to purchase should you wish to have them adorning your walls.


putting my hand to encaustic wax

I want to discover what happens when mixed media is mixed with wax. In its purest form, encaustic painting is as simple as applying melted beeswax onto an absorbent surface – but I want to learn more about how I could incorporate it as another medium for my practice. After researching encaustic artists, I went to Lisa Feyen to observe her studio practice with encaustic. She has spent time researching encaustic methods and products, and was happy to share her knowledge with me and Leanne in a mini workshop. The above images are a result of this session.

Encaustic is a dynamic medium where anything goes and the endless possibilities of what could happen are exciting for me. With practice and patience anyone can develop skills to be a successful encaustic artist.

Bridget Guerzon Mills

Bridget Guerzon Mills has inspired me to look into how I could incorporate Encaustics into Mixed Media works. She works with layers of textures and colour in paints, photo images, organic matter, stitch work and wax. She suggests that interests and passions are paramount for developing a personal style and voice, and to be authentic by never following someone else’s style. It is in the mistakes that we find our footing so just create, create, create and make heaps of mistakes. Her artwork is a personal dialogue and the themes stem from cycles of life, growth and decay, memories and the passage of time. Guerzon Mills creates paintings, visual journals and facilitates workshops where she teaches her mixed media craft and shares wisdom of how to discover ones own creative voice.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills 'Aftermath' (2014) Encaustic with mixed media Bridgette

Bridgette Guerzon Mills ‘Aftermath’ (2014) Encaustic with mixed media Bridgette

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