Intuitive Painting – a demonstration

Meet Ivette Newport from Grace & Ivy. She is a trained illustrator and has generously shared a video of her process for Intuitve Painting. It’s beautiful to watch her creation coming to life and how something can be formed by organically following gut instincts and hunches along the way. Thats my preferred method of working for sure!


Bill Viola

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The visual/audio installations of Bill Viola communicate the theme of the universal human experience and subjectivity. Viola’s intention is to provoke viewers to contemplate collective and individual conscious thoughts and perceptions of the universal human experience. He explores topics of birth, death and self knowledge with deep influences from Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

What intrigues me about his work is the vulnerability that he has his models revealing to the viewer.   Not only are they often naked, but also displaying gestures of shock, pain, sorrow and introspection. I am compelled to empathise with the people featured in the works, and as I do so, great compassion and humility is provoked within me.


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Richard Tuschman

Photomontage artist, Richard Tuschman works with digital and traditional methods of creating imagery, including making overlays from his own paintings and photographs – of which I have begun to do myself. I am intrigued by the way he combines organic elements with distressed and corroded surfaces, juxtaposing the qualities of beauty with decay.

The way that Tuschman also illuminates his scenes with an ethereal light, is a quality that I also want to bring to my imagery, lending to a soft, intimate and dream like aesthetic.


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Linda Plaisted

The works of award winning photographic mixed media artist, Linda Plaisted have captured my attention in “Photocraft: creative mixed media and digital approaches to transforming your photographs.” by Susan Tuttle and Christi Hydeck.

My recent ideas of layering images in an etheric and dream-story way has already been successfully achieved by Plaisted in America. Plaisted’s award winning work is on a similar track to what I had thought to be a unique idea for me to pursue in the next stage of my and photographic art, however, I will not let this realisation stop me from exploring this idea.

I need to trust that I am still a unique artist and at the end of the day, no one does anything the same as another. So, off I go to explore layering nature images and self-portraiture together. My only intention is to combine these elements that I have a deep sense of reverence for. I have no end ideal result in mind, just thoughts of layers of transparency, blending modes at play, intimate, ethereal and contemplative images with a digital encaustic aesthetic.

Whats interesting is that Plaisted also works with encaustics, as seen below:


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Bridget Guerzon Mills

Bridget Guerzon Mills has inspired me to look into how I could incorporate Encaustics into Mixed Media works. She works with layers of textures and colour in paints, photo images, organic matter, stitch work and wax. She suggests that interests and passions are paramount for developing a personal style and voice, and to be authentic by never following someone else’s style. It is in the mistakes that we find our footing so just create, create, create and make heaps of mistakes. Her artwork is a personal dialogue and the themes stem from cycles of life, growth and decay, memories and the passage of time. Guerzon Mills creates paintings, visual journals and facilitates workshops where she teaches her mixed media craft and shares wisdom of how to discover ones own creative voice.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills 'Aftermath' (2014) Encaustic with mixed media Bridgette

Bridgette Guerzon Mills ‘Aftermath’ (2014) Encaustic with mixed media Bridgette

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Damien Hirst

Hirst’s Kaleidoscope Paintings are made from household paint and thousands of different coloured butterfly wings placed in intricate geometric patterns.

The works reference the spiritual symbolism of the butterfly, used by the Greeks to depict Psyche, the soul, and in Christian imagery to signify the resurrection – Damien Hirst

I was surprised to see an acclaimed artist using spiritual concepts in work, after assuming that mandalas and kaleidoscope patterns would be low art and too cliche. This brightened my prospects for taking up a similar approach in my work, although I have no desire to imitate Hirst by using dead butterflies.


Images and quote retrieved on 1st April 2014 from

Before I get to work

In order to be a practicing artist I discovered very early on this month that I had certain needs to be met. I need to be authentic, to feel like I have a purpose, and to nourish my creative impulses.  So ultimately, I had to get really clear on how to meet these needs, because it is my unique voice, what I want to say in my work that will at the end of the day nourish my soul and sustain my art practice.  This was really frustrating to be so ‘in my head’ about it, when all I really felt I should be doing was to start working, like Chuck Close advises see previous post.  But now I’m graciously accepting the process that it took knowing that at least my conceptual foundations have been laid and I have a strong sense of my voice and purpose.

So, what is my voice?  I had no idea until I did an exercise that my tutor gave me, putting together 10 of my favourite artists with intentions of making connections, so that I could see what they all had in common.  I soon discovered that I am drawn to: Illustration, Mixed Media Sculpture, Digital and Traditional Mixed Media, and Printmaking of all sorts (most recently I have been fascinated with Photopolymer Etching as it satisfies the photographer and printmaker in me. See gallery below for the selection of artists that I chose in the exercise.


The common threads are works that tell a narrative, feature people or creatures or both, surreal juxtapositions, and a good dose of whimsy.  These connections didn’t surprise me, but what did surprise me was that these concepts lead me down a pathway of quite a political approach to my practice.  Which stands to reason, as I want my art to be a provocation. Using my art as a form of storytelling (another love of mine) and inviting the viewer to consider their own experience of being human, ones place of belonging in the world, and in the body, and also the choice to live consciously alongside our fellow human beings and the other creatures of the planet.

My voice resounds with :

  • humanitarianism
  • optimistism
  • animal and human consciousness
  • philosophical
  • awareness of Self
  • reflection
  • poetics

May it serve me well in the World!