Exploring Brushstrokes

Nouveau Bird

This painting was inspired by street artist L7m and Gustav Klimt, whom I discovered in the late stages of this recent project as an artist who I feel an affinity towards. This has led me to wanting to explore of Art Nouveau and hopefully the next brief will allow me to delve into it further, as I feel a great interest has risen from it, causing me to see other possibilities in my artistic direction. I became really engaged with working in patterns and shapes, and felt more at home with this painting than any of the previous works.


Do children still swing?

'Why do I always have to swing this by myself?'

‘Why do I always have to swing this by myself?’

A continuation from the textured background series of painting that I’m exploring, this painting came out of a passing melancholic thought. I was thinking about how trees must love to see children swinging, and that not very often do children swing in trees these days. My son decided that he did not want like to play in the tree swing now that he’s older. Sad to hear, as he is only nearly eight years old. I have since taken the tree swing down and passed it on, but there was something about it, suspended there in the winds, that I miss. Has a part of my childhood been passed on, as a result?

Finger painting

I must admit I freaked out about the white background on the last painting, and drove straight into the black paper pile to avoid the same thing happening on my next paint play – this time using mostly just my fingers. The red paint against black gave the mood that is in accordance with the actual subject of  ‘The Red Dead Bird’.

The Red Dead Bird

Paint exploration

I took a palette knife and brushes to board and listened to Pink’s ‘Funhouse’ album. This was the result of a carefree exploration of paint. One of my first real plays with how I can loosen up my fear of painting. I enjoyed the process and feel more comfortable with trying the next one.


Ways of Seeing – a Right Brain Investigation

In this recent module I was encouraged to embark upon a pathway, which held the most resistance for me – which is painting.  Step one was to challenge conventional ‘ways of seeing’ (our project title). Step two was to challenge my  self-limiting beliefs about being an artist.  My intention was simply to explore and discover how I may develop my confidence and skills of painting and drawing over the period of two weeks. An investigation into how I see my self developing as an artist, with inspiration and guidance from the art movement Surrealism and the art theory of drawing with the Right side of your brain. Through this I would find new ways of representing my ideas and creative processes, rather than relying on words constantly, I would learn to draw my thoughts and ideas.

I began by creating an ideas book solely for drawing/thinking titled it my book of A-Z’s – with the intention of drawing anything that had the essence of being strange, humorous, provocative or amusing.  However, I didn’t get beyond B in my A-Z book of drawings, because I was led to explore the sketch as a series of paintings that I have to show you in the next few days.

There was the risk that I would tend to create works that appear ‘Cliché’ and I therefore had to consider seriously what my images would represent, and ensure that they were not obviously blatant and boring (another few B words I could attempt to draw).

a pretty dead bird