pattern hunt


When hunting for patterns in my surroundings, my eyes were captivated by the geometry of this brick path. A decorative path that goes to nowhere in particular, I pondered on the intricacies of the way its pattern curves around although its structural lines are completely straight. An interesting pattern that I could explore every crack and crevice of – but had I not hunted for a pattern today, it would never occurred to me to step off my walking path and find the curious spaces in between. This was a great exercise to compel me to slow down from my daily tasks and experience simple joy in a simple moment, spurred on by such a simple thing.

“Adults follow paths. Children explore. Adults are content to walk the same way, hundreds of times, or thousands; perhaps it never occurs to adults to step off the paths, to creep beneath rhododendrons, to find the spaces between fences. I was a child, which meant that I knew a dozen different ways of getting out of our property and into the lane, ways that would not involve walking down our drive.”
Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane


This is a response to a photographic prompt from Susannah Conways #august break project


Encaustic Series by Vicky Reisima

The ‘Elements of Random’ series were conceived from my desire to combine the natural world with geometric patterns, highlighting the synergistic and beautiful relationship that can be witnessed between them.

This series of works were created in response to my desire to experiment with encaustic wax. After combining photographs with vector images in Photoshop, I went on to transfer the images onto calico fabric with the Intron Heat Transfer Press. Before fusing them onto wooden box frames, I couldn’t resist passing them under the sewing machine for old times sake. They are currently on display in the Can Print Exhibition in Hastings Community Art Gallery (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand from 21st July-02 August 2014), and available to purchase should you wish to have them adorning your walls.

Holy Bonds of Matrimony

Before I embarked upon my honeymoon with my beautiful new wife, I spent the day creating a self-portrait photographic composite in Adobe Photoshop CC. Soft and dreamy or grungy textured dimensionality. Which version of my ‘Holy Bonds’ do you prefer?

Photomontage Images by Vicky Reisima (2014)

Richard Tuschman

Photomontage artist, Richard Tuschman works with digital and traditional methods of creating imagery, including making overlays from his own paintings and photographs – of which I have begun to do myself. I am intrigued by the way he combines organic elements with distressed and corroded surfaces, juxtaposing the qualities of beauty with decay.

The way that Tuschman also illuminates his scenes with an ethereal light, is a quality that I also want to bring to my imagery, lending to a soft, intimate and dream like aesthetic.


Cyr, L. (2009). Art Revolution: alternative approaches for fine artists and illustrators. Ohio, USA: North Light Books

Linda Plaisted

The works of award winning photographic mixed media artist, Linda Plaisted have captured my attention in “Photocraft: creative mixed media and digital approaches to transforming your photographs.” by Susan Tuttle and Christi Hydeck.

My recent ideas of layering images in an etheric and dream-story way has already been successfully achieved by Plaisted in America. Plaisted’s award winning work is on a similar track to what I had thought to be a unique idea for me to pursue in the next stage of my and photographic art, however, I will not let this realisation stop me from exploring this idea.

I need to trust that I am still a unique artist and at the end of the day, no one does anything the same as another. So, off I go to explore layering nature images and self-portraiture together. My only intention is to combine these elements that I have a deep sense of reverence for. I have no end ideal result in mind, just thoughts of layers of transparency, blending modes at play, intimate, ethereal and contemplative images with a digital encaustic aesthetic.

Whats interesting is that Plaisted also works with encaustics, as seen below:


Hydeck, C & Tuttle, S. (2012). Photocraft: creative mixed media and digital approaches to transforming your photographs. Ohio, USA: North Light Books.

Plaisted, L. (2013). Linda Plaisted Fine Art Photography and Mixed Media. Retrieved from


Post processing fun

Using various iPad apps I have begun to manipulate the self portraits digitally to open up possibilities. I am excited by the results, and here a a few examples.

Self Portrait Photography

These are a follow on from the thumbnail sketches in the previous post.  After learning about how the photography studio enhances my ability to capture professionally composed images, I actually preferred to be without any flashes, rather only using the lights in a subtle fashion so as to not get hard shadows in the background. I was nervous to be shooting self portraits, but actually I really enjoyed the confronting process, feeling as if I am coming to know myself in a deep and profound way. I am curious to explore body language, emotions and gestures to speak my voice. It will be an intimate and insightful experience, hopefully not just for myself but also the viewer. The images may even reflect and mirror their own human emotions to consider. That would be the ultimate outcome for me.

The stances were purposefully created to highlight the subtle energy centres within our body – the Chakras (rising up from the lower chakras representing earthly elements and our human existence, into the upper chakras representing ether and spirit). This was a practical yet meditative experience where I felt absolutely in my element, whilst expressing my inner values and manifesting the symbolism of them into form – through my form. Very profound! I wonder if this idea will extend the furthest and lead me into creating my final piece this semester?