Gaining drawing confidence

By means of tracing outlines and copying shading techniques from other artists, I have developed these detailed drawings to my own unique styling – smudging and erasing lines to create contours and textures. I intend to develop confidence in my drawing skills by working in this way. Its a start! Two of these sketches were composed by morphing 3 individual components into one image, and I feel that in doing this, they really become my own.


Sketching ideas

Two ideas are currently running parallel to each other:

  1. Relationships between people and creatures
  2. Self portrait photographic shots

Generating Ideas

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The process of thumb nailing is new to me and allowed me to explore different options that would have otherwise remained in Neverland. I have highlighted the interesting ones that could be further explored, but still feel disconnected to any of them really. If anything at all it was just a good way of exercising my drawing practice. I felt irritated and angry during most of the process, and I feel resentful about being told to adopt thumb nailing as regular practice by my tutor. Firstly, I really don’t like to be told how to do my creative process, and secondly, I would much rather spend time developing ideas in an open ended sketch book and spend more time developing different compositions in photoshop with detailed drawings, using various media. With that said…lets get onto sketching and leave my self-limiting ‘I can’t draw’ beliefs at the door.

Before the day is done

These sketches were a must before the clock strikes midnight. Here I was thinking I didn’t have time to complete the objectives that I set myself at the beginning of this brief – (see previous posts).

Self-Portrait – Inspired by Marloes Dukyer

I'm all stitched up (2013) Sewing machine with thread on paperIn response to being inspired by my research on Marloes Dukyer, I drew with my sewing machine for the first time. Being a semi industrial machine, I found it very difficult to turn corners fast and smoothly enough. My Bernina 850 is only familiar with going at top speed! However, I am so excited by my results and how I may be able to create in the future using this media. I find the organic nature of the ‘sketch’ has a definite sense of freedom from constraint, enhanced by potential movement of the hanging threads and the lack of contour lines used. Every thing about this self-portrait is suggestive of me: the texture, expression, combination of colours, and unruly curly auburn hair that decides to go in a different direction from one day to the next. A great accomplishment in my books.

Self-portrait – Realism

my best self portrait sketch 1After deciding to challenge myself with the task of portraying myself in a more realistic view, I proudly present this sketch. I am becoming more practiced with a pencil and my trusty blender in hand. I used a photograph to guide me in the right direction with proportions and shading, avoiding tracing the contour lines with a light box, as done in previous sketches. There is more likeness of me in this sketch than any other I have done so far with the exception of the first minimalist ink drawing I did two days ago. Practice, practice, practice! Persist, persist, persist!

Self-Portrait – Imaginarium

I can't keep a straight face for too long, especially with these silly earrings on

I can’t keep a straight face for too long 

This sketch is a result of a task I was assigned to create a self-portrait representing me in an altered imaginary state. I have added exaggerated hair and ears to give the impression of me as an otherworldly creature, of which I sometimes imagine myself to be. However, I perceive myself rather as a pixie priestess than this crazy character. Next time I envisage an elaborate headdress and glamorous fairy costume. Nevertheless, this task has increased my confidence yet again for drawing. I do believe that drawing myself is quite a confronting exercise, as it is triggering me to become self conscious of my 37 year old wrinkles, gestural expressions that I don’t particularly enjoy seeing and my end of summer collection of freckles, which as creative director of my own work, I can choose to omit from my features in this image.